School Management System

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How to Install Microsoft SQL Server Desktop Engine (MSDE) for School Management System

We strongly recommend that using Microsoft SQL Server 2000 or above as database software for the School Management System. However, if you need to install a free database software for financial concern - MSDE is the best choose. It is free and more importantly, it can be easily upgraded to SQL Server later without damaging your database. The following steps describe how to install MSDE for using the School Management System.

1.  Pro-installation requirement. Download Microsoft Data Access Components (MDAC) 2.6 , and then follow the instruction to install MDAC 2.6 on your computer.

2.  Download Microsoft SQL Server Desktop Engine (MDSE 2000) Release A and save it on your computer.

3.  Double click the MSDE2000A.exe and extract these installation files into anywhere on your computer.

4.  Go the folder you have extracted these installation files to at step 3, open setup.ini file using notepad, copy these 3 lines code listed below into the setup.ini file just right under [Options]


5.  Change “your_password” to whatever you want, save and close the setup.ini file. Double click setup.exe, and then follow the instruction to install the MSDE on your computer.

6.  Remember that your database user name is “sa” and password is the value of SAPWD you changed at step 5. The database user information is very important and you need it for the School Management System server configuration later.

7.  Reboot your computer and then you can start installing the School Management System server.